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All our units are ideal for any remote environment or when rapid response for video monitoring is needed on location! There is no need for any type of onsite power or internet service as all our units are self-reliant providing you with worldwide access to view any site anytime via mobile device or central office. Listed below are some of the many applications where MobilEyeUS will provide the security reassurance and site protection that you need for any event or need!

Eye Sight for EVERY Site!

MobilEyeUS SpecialIZES in

Custom CONFIGURED Mobile

"fully Autonomous"

Surveillance & Event site monitoring and protection!

Here are just a few uses for our highly useful extremely valuable asset protection, money saving systems, and products!

  • Investor Observation Tool
  • Project Management/Over-site
  • Construction Sites
  • Special Events
  • Law Enforcement
  • Carnivals & Public Events
  • School Event Security
  • Estates & Farm Land
  • Rental Properties
  • ​​6 Month Data Storage
  • ​Live 360 degree Viewing
  • ​4k PTZ Cameras with 30x ZOOM
  • Night Vision up to to 300 ft 
  • ​Mobile Device, Central Office and Home Viewing​
  • 30+ Days of unsupervised self sufficient operation
  • 24/7 accessibility via mobile devices or PC's
  • Portable Live Broadcast/Streaming Platform for Events!
  • And Much More!